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Aaboe, Asger Hartvig


Aaboe, Asger Hartvig


26 April 1922 - 19 January 2007


Copenhagen, Denmark


Assyriology, History of Science

Major works

*On Babylonian Planetary Theories, Yale Dissertation 1957 *On the Tables of Planetary Visibility in the Almagest and the Handy Tables. Munksgaard, 1960 *Episodes from the Early History of Mathematics. Random House 1964 *Contributions to the study of Babylonian Lunar Theory. (with Norman Hamilton). Munksgaard 1979 *Saros Cycle Dates and Related Babylonian Astronomical Texts. Am. Phil. Soc. 1991. (with J.P. Britton, J.A. Henderson, O. Neugebauer, A.J. Sachs) *Episodes from the Early History of Astronomy. Springer-Verlag 2001


Member of the faculty at Yale University and contributor to the study of Babylonian astronomy and mathematics.

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