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Astour, Michael C.


Astour, Michael C.


17 December 1916 - 7 October 2004


Kharkov, Russia



Major works

*Hellenosemitica, Leiden 1967 *The Rabbeans (SMS 2/1), Malibu 1978 *The Arena of Tiglath-pileser III's Campaign Against Sarduri II (Assur 2/3), Malibu 1979 *Hittite history and absolute chronology of the Bronze Age, Partille 1989


Studied in Paris under Ch. Virolleaud, E. Dhorme, R. Weil, 1934-1937 Imprisoned by the Russians, 1939-1950 Librarian, Hebrew Yiddish Library, Paris, 1958 Professor of Yiddish and Russian Literatures, Brandeis University, 1959 Ph.D. in Mediterranean Studies, 1961 Professor of Historical Studies, Southern Illinois University, 1965-1987

Obituaries pipermail/ane/2004-October/014833.html (J.M. Sasson)


G.D. Young et al. (eds.), Crossing Boundaries and Linking Horizons: Studies in Honor of Michael C. Astour, Bethesda 1997

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