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Breasted, James Henry


Breasted, James Henry


27 August 1865 - 2 December 1935


Rockford, Illinois


Egyptian Archaeology

Major works

1903 The Battle of Kadesh, Chicago 1905 A History of Egypt, New York 1906 Ancient Records of Egypt, Chicago (5 vols.) 1908 A History of the Ancient Egyptians, New York 1912 Development of Religion and Thought in Ancient Egypt, New York 1922 The Oriental Institute: A Beginning and a Program, Chicago 1926 The Conquest of Civilization, New York/London 1930 The Edwin Smith Surgical Papyrus, Chicago (2 vols.) 1933 The Dawn of Conscience, New York


Ph.D., University of Berlin, 1894 (A. Erman) Assistant in Egyptology, University of Chicago, 1894-1896 (first Egyptologist appointed in America); Instructor, 1896-1898; Assistant Professor, 1898-1902; Associate Professor, 1902-1905; Professor, 1905-1933 Director of the newly founded Oriental Institute, 1909- biography in: Pioneer to the Past: The Story of James Henry Breasted Archaeologist, Told by His Son Charles Breasted, New York 1943


AfO 11 (1936-1937) 99-100 (A.T. Olmstead), with photo

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