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Budge, Ernest Alfred Thompson Wallis


Budge, Ernest Alfred Thompson Wallis


27 July 1857 - 1934


Egyptology; Assyriology

Major works

The History of Esarhaddon, London 1880 The Tell el-Amarna Tablets in the British Museum, London 1892 (with C. Bezold) Annals of the Kings of Assyria, London 1902 (with L.W. King) By Nile and Tigris. 2 vols. London: Murray, 1920 Egyptian Language, 12. Impression, London/New York 1973


Excavations at Kuyunjik, Der Aswan, Gebel Barkal, Meroe, Semna Keeper of the Department of Egyptian and Assyrian Antiquites, British Museum, 1894-1924

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