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Cameron, George Glenn


Cameron, George Glenn


1905 - 14 September 1979


Washington, Pennsylvania


Iranian Studies

Major works

History of Early Iran, Chicago 1936 E. Chiera, They Wrote on Clay, Chicago 1938, edited by G. Cameron, Persepolis Treasury Tablets (OIP 65), Chicago 1948 History of the Persian Empire, Chicago 1948, edited by G. Cameron Bibliography in: BibAr 43/3 (1980) 189 (M.W. Stolper)


Ph.D., University of Chicago, 1932 (under A.T. Olmstead) Instructor in Oriental Languages, University of Chicago, 1933-1948 Editor of the Journal of Near Eastern Languages, 1941-1948 Worked in Persepolis, 1939 Annual Professor of the Baghdad School of ASOR, 1948 Worked at Bisitun, 1948- Professor, University of Michigan, 1948-1975 Founder and chairman of the Department of Near Eastern Studies, University of Michigan, 1948-1969


AfO 27 (1980) 325-327 (M.W. Stolper), with photo BibAr 43/3 (1980) 183-189 (M.W. Stolper)


L.L. Orlin (ed.), Michigan Oriental Studies in Honor of George G. Cameron, Ann Arbor 1976

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