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The successor to Enanatum II was Enentarzid, who previously was the chief priest of Ningirsu (Bauer pg. 473). Discussing the possibility that Enentarzid assumed the throne after the unexpectedly early death of the previous king, Bauer cites a letter (CIRPL 46) written by one temple administrator Luena to Enentarzid, at that time still serving as a priest of Ningirsu (Bauer pg. 474). The letter reports how Luena intercepted some 600 Elamites during their return to Elam after an attack on Lagash, and then asks Enentarzid if the ensi of Lagash is still alive. Bauer takes this as an indication that the ensi died during the attack and that thereupon Enentarzid, as the closest available successor, took up the throne (Bauer pg. 474).

Little in general can be said about Enentarzid's reign, as only a small number of administrative texts from the BaU temple archives have survived from his reign, and no royal inscriptions of his are available (Bauer pg. 474).

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