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Hilprecht, Hermann Vollrath


Hilprecht, Hermann Vollrath


28 July 1859 - 19 March 1925


Hohenerxleben, Germany



Major works

Old Babylonian Inscriptions, Chiefly from Nippur (BE 1/1-2), Philadelhia 1893-1896 Assyriaca: Eine Nachlese auf dem Gebiete der Assyriologie, Boston/Halle 1894 Business Documents of Murashû Sons of Nippur (BE 9), Philadelphia 1898 (with A.T. Clay) Die Ausgrabungen der Universität von Pennsylvania im Bêl-Tempel zu Nippur, Leipzig 1903 Explorations in Bible Land during the Nineteenth Century, Philadelphia 1903 Mathematical, Metrological and Chronological Tablets (BE 20/1), Philadelphia 1906 The Earliest Version of the Babylonian Deluge Story and the Temple Library of Nippur, Philadelphia 1910 Bibliography in: R. Borger, HKL 1 (1967) 190-194

click here for MPIWG-Berlin's "Hilprecht Diary of the 4th Babylonian Expedition"


Ph.D. in Assyriology under F. Delitzsch, University of Leipzig, 1883 Professor of Assyriology and comparative Semitic philology, University of Pennsylvania, 1886-1911 Curator of the Babylonian section of the University Museum, 1887-1911 Director of the Nippur excavations, 1895-1911 Biography in: Who was who in America 1 (1943) 566, Dictionary of American Biography 9 (1932) 58-59, American National Biography 10 (1999) 825-827 (B.R. Foster)


ZA 36 (1925) 309-310 (H. Zimmern) JBL 45 (1926) iii-iv


Hilprecht Anniversary Volume, Leipzig 1909

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