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Hincks, Edward


Hincks, Edward


19 August 1792 - 3 December 1866


Cork, Ireland


Egyptology; Assyriology

Major works

On the Khorsabad inscriptions, Dublin 1850 A grammar of the Hebrew language, Dublin 1852 On the Assyrio-Babylonian phonetic characters, 1852 On the polyphony of the Assyrio-Babylonian cuneiform writing, Dublin 1863 Specimen chapters of an Assyrian grammar, London 1866 Bibliography in: Proceedings AOS May 1888, CCXCVI-CCCI, British Museum, General Catalogue of Printed Books 104 (1961) 59-61


Rector of Killyleagh, Ireland, 1825-1866 Contributor to the decipherment of Egyptian hieroglyphs and Assyrian-Babylonian cuneiform Biography in: Dictionary of National Biography 26 (1891) 438-439, Dawson, Who was who in Egyptology (1951) 76 See also E.F. Davidson, Edward Hincks: a selection from his correspondence, with a memoir, London 1933

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