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keiser, Clarence Elwood


Keiser, Clarence Elwood


12 October 1884 - 21 July 1958


Lyons, PA



Major works

Cuneiform Bullae of the Third Millennium B.C., New York 1914 Letters and Contracts from Erech Written in the Neo-Babylonian Period (BIN 1), New Haven 1917 Selected Temple Documents of the Ur Dynasty (YOS 4), New Haven 1919 Patesis of the Ur Dynasty (YOSR 4/2), New Haven 1919 A System of Accentuation for Sumero-Akkadian Signs (YOSR 9), New Haven 1919 Historical, Religious and Economic Texts and Antiquities (BIN 2), New Haven 1920 Neo-Sumerian Account Texts from Drehem (BIN 3), New Haven 1971


AfO 19 (1959-60) 270 (E. Weidner)

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