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Martin, William James


Martin, William James


25 May 1904 - 21 March 1980


Broughshane, Northern Ireland


Assyriology; Biblical Studies

Major works

Tribut und Tributleistunfen bei den Assyrern, Helsinki/Leipzig 1936 Letters and Documents of the Old-Babylonian Period (UET 5), London/Philadelphia 1953 (with H.H. Figulla) Stylistic Criteria and the Analysis of the Pentateuch, London 1955


Ph.D., University of Leipzig (under B. Landsberger) Assistant Lecturer in Semitic Languages and Literatures, University of Manchester, 1936-1937 Rankin Lecturer in Hebrew and Ancient Semitic Languages, University of Liverpool, 1937-1970


AfO 27 (1980) 329 (A.R. Millard), with photo

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