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Moorey, Peter Roger Stuart


Moorey, Peter Roger Stuart


30 May 1937 - 23 December 2004


Bush Hill Park, Middlesex



Major works

Archaeology, Artefacts and the Bible, Oxford 1969 Catalogue of the Ancient Persian Bronzes in the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford 1971 The Making of the Past: Bilblical Lands, Oxford 1975 Century of Biblical Archaeology, Oxford 1991 Ancient Mesopotamian Materials and Industries, Oxford 1994 Idols of the People, Oxford 2003


Assistant Keeper, Department of Antiquities, Ashmolean Museum, 1961-1973; Senior Assistant Keeper, 1973-1982; Keeper, 1983-2002 Fellow, Wolfson College, Oxford, 1976-2004; Senior Research Fellow and Viceregent, 2002-2004 Fellow of the British Academy, 1977 President, British School of Archaeology in Jerusalem, 1990-1998


T. Potts - M. Roaf - D. Stein (eds.), Culture Through Objects: Ancient Near Eastern Studies in Honour of P.R.S. Moorey, Oxford 2003

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