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Oppenheim, Adolf Leo



Oppenheim, Adolf Leo


7 June 1904 - 21 July 1974


Wien, Austria



Major works

Untersuchungen zum babylonischen Mietrecht, Wien 1936 Catalogue of the Cuneiform Tablets of the Wilberforce Eames Babylonian Collection (AOS 32), New Haven 1948 The Interpretation of Dreams in the Ancient Near East, Philadelphia 1956 Ancient Mesopotamia: Portrait of a Dead Civilization, Chicago/London 1964 Letters from Mesopotamia, Chicago/London 1967 Glass and Glassmaking in Mesopotamia, 1971 CAD H, G, E, D, I/J, Z, S*, A/1, Chicago 1956-1964 Bibliography in: Reiner, E.-Renger, J. (eds.), Essays on Mesopotamian Civilization. Selected Papers of A. Leo Oppenheim, Chicago 1974, F6-F13


Ph.D., University of Wien, 1933 Research associate, University of Chicago, 1947 Faculty member, University of Chicago, 1950 Associate editor, Chicago Assyrian Dictionary, 1952 Editor-in-charge, Chicago Assyrian Dictionary, 1955-1974 John A. Wilson Professor of Oriental Studies, University of Chicago, 1969-1973; Elizabeth Oppenheim’s short autobiography


AfO 25 (1974-1977) 347-349 (H. Hirsch), with photo; JAOS 95 (1975) 369-370 (E. Leichty); The University of Chicago Record 9 (1975) 135 (E. Reiner)


R.D. Biggs-J.A. Brinkman (eds.): From the Workshop of the Chicago Assyrian Dictionary: Studies Presented to A. Leo Oppenheim, Chicago 1964

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