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Rîm-Sîn II

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During the eighth year of Samsu-iluna a certain Rîm-Sîn revolted at Larsa, and by the end of the year became master of most of southern Babylonia. He reigned for just over a year and a half in the south and tablets were dated by his two year names in the cities under his control. However, at the beginning of year 10 of Samsu-iluna, Rîm-Sîn was defeated by the king of Babylon. Here we designate this short reigned ruler as Rîm-Sîn II. Although no royal & monumental inscriptions of Rîm-Sîn II are extant, we do have impressions of a few seals of his servants (Frayne, RIME 4 p. 317).

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