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Stephens, Ferris J.


Stephens, Ferris J.


26 December 1893 - 31 October 1969


Fayette County, Indiana



Major works

Studies of the Cuneiform Tablets from Cappadocia, Canton, Missouri 1926 Personal Names from Cuneiform Inscriptions of Cappadocia (YOSR 13/1), New Haven 1928 Votive and Historical Texts from Babylonia and Assyria (YOS 9), New Haven 1937 Old Assyrian Letters and Business Documents (BIN 6), New Haven 1944 Bibliography in: JAOS 90 (1970) 425 (R.S. Ellis)


Ph.D., Yale University, 1925 (under A.T. Clay) Assistant professor of Assyriology, Yale University, 1928 Assistant curator of the Babylonian Collection, Yale university, 1931; acting curator, 1933; curator, 1936-1962 Associate professor of Assyriology, Yale University, 1940-1962


JAOS 90 (1970) 423-425 (R.S. Ellis) AfO 24 (1973) 247-248 (W.W. Hallo) with photo

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