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Son of Kudur-mapuk, ruler of Yamutbal and conquerer of Larsa ca. 1835. The Elamite designation of his father raises the possibility he may have come from an Elamite family, or at least an Amorite family under the auspices of the sukkalmah.

King of Larsa, son of Kudur-Mabuk. Warad-Sîn was installed as ruler of Larsa after his father had driven out the incumbent, Ṣilli-Adad. He left more royal inscriptions than any other Larsa king. He was at pains to conduct himself like a traditional Mesopotamian ruler and seems to heve spent much time, effort and wealth on religious buildings. Most of his inscriptions and year names refer to the reconstruction of temples at Ur, Zabalam and Larsa. He also presided over the installation of the entum-priestess at Ur. Another important project was the rebuilding of the wall of Ur. He was succeeded by his son Rim-Sin (Leick, Who's Who in the Ancient Near East, p. 175).

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